Endless Legend's Broken Lords Reveal Trailer Makes You Ponder - Is Survival the Same As Living?

April 3, 2014

The heroes of the The Broken Lords, from Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive’s newest game, Endless Legend, will make players wonder: is survival really the same as living? Do you alter your body or perish? Where is honor when you’ve become a monster?

As an offshoot of the popular 4X space strategy game Endless Space, Endless Legend‘s Broken Lords reveal video, which can be viewed below, shows off how even the greatest warriors can fall to tragedy, becoming more akin to vampires than legends of virtue and valor.

Endless Legend is a 4X strategy game based in fantasy, which will feature eight major factions in the game, including the Vaulters, the Wild Walkers and now the Broken Lords. All three of the reveal videos unveiled so far can be viewed blow, with the Vaulters representing a faction who have uncovered power through hidden secrets to their past, and the Wild Walkers being a group of nomads who have adapted to society from the ways of the forest to survive.


Endless Legend is set to release on PC and Mac soon via Steam Early Access. For more on the game, you’ll want to visit the Amplitude Studios website; for more details on the development of the game and to leave feedback with the development team, check out the GAMES2GETHER Endless Legend Forums site.

The Broken Lords

The Wild Walkers

The Vaulters

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