Sandbox Adventure 'The Endless Mission' Offerers Players the Power to Craft Games

E-Line Media announces their newest project The Endless Mission, a story-driven sandbox adventure where players can create their own Unity games.

E-Line Media announced that they will publish the Endless Interactives developed sandbox adventure game, The Endless Mission, coming to PC.

The Endless Mission is a story-driven adventure game with unique features that allow players to craft their own games using the Unity engine. Throughout the game, players will find themselves playing through multiple genres of games and completing missions.

While in a genre, players will be able to collect assets and features from the game and bring them into their own creation. This enables players to mash-up genres and avatars found in different games and create their own game. The genres available right now are Platformer, Kart Racing, and RTS, but the studio plans to announce more genres in the future.

The story is being crafted by a team of writers at Sleep Deprivation Lab, whose credits include  Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and The Crew. The game aims to explore what it means to shape the technology in our lives versus being shaped by it. As the player discovers more about this world through playing through premade games, they’ll be able to manipulate it using their own ideas and even modify the game’s code.

There is a lot to unpack in The Endless Mission due to the game’s many features. As players mash-up ideas they’ll be able to dig deeper into the Unity engine and make their very own games and worlds as they see fit. However, more about this feature as well as the game’s story will release soon.

The Endless Mission will also be playable at PAX East to attendees with a Steam Early Access release set for Summer 2018.

You can check out some screenshots from the different genres of games and the world of The Endless Mission below:

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