Endless Mode One of Many New Features for Gauntlet: Slayer Edition

Endless Mode One of Many New Features for Gauntlet: Slayer Edition

Arrowhead Studios has given more details about what will separate Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on console and PC from its original release.

Weapon Abilities are now interchangeable based on what you unlock and equip through the shop. The example given for this is the Valkyrie changing the default “Shield Throw” to a “Lightning Strike” through the weapon set “Wrath of the Heavens.” Abilities can also be swapped out and changed by the equipment. Valkyrie’s Spear Thrust can be turned into a Spear Throw, Wizards schools of magic can be changed, and the Elf’s can change up the Magic Bomb and Magic Shot skills.

Each hero will now have a Potion Ability, which cost one potion to use, and replace a Relic slot in your equipment. These potion abilities are affected by Talismans in the shop. The Warrior’s default potion ability is an area of effect potion bomb, and a different Talisman will allow him to become much larger, invincible, and deal more damage for a short time.

Relics will no longer require a potion but instead use a cooldown timer. You can only carry one Relic at a time now due to the potion ability slot. The potion-cost for Relics have also been eliminated, as the developer wanted them to be used more often, and have become more passive skills than kill-abilities.

Loadouts are now built into the Hero selection, can be done by four players simultaneously and regardless of game mode. The equipment slots are now: weapon, relic, talisman, cosmetic: body, and cosmetic: head.

Finally a new game mode called Endless will be introduced. This will include a infinite number of “procedurally generated floors.” Leaderboards will be introduced to see which team can fight farther than the rest of the world.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is currently set for a summer release this year, presumably August, and will cost $19.99.