Endless Space 2 Is Available for Free This Weekend

Endless Space 2 Is Available for Free This Weekend

Endless Space 2 is available for free this weekend and the Endless Space Collection is available for free and to keep

I am here to tell you that whenever there is an opportunity for a free game that you might want to play later down the road, you should hop on the opportunity when it presents itself. This weekend only (Thanks PC Gamer), Amplitude Studios has made Endless Space 2, Endless Legen, and Dungeon of the Endless available for free this weekend on Steam. On top of that, The Endless Space Collection, which features the first Endless Space and its DLC, is also available for no charge, but you get to keep it after the weekend ends.

This opportunity is releasing alongside a handful of new expansions. Penumbra for Endless Space 2 and Symbiosis for Endless Legend.

Amplitude has been teasing some new content as well that will unlock based on the number of systems you explore. A new minor faction known as Basryxo has been unlocked already and four pieces remain.

Finally, Endless Space Collection has to be claimed through Amplitude Games2gether platform. There are some hoops to jump through to redeem the game, but with a bit of research, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

I am a big fan of grabbing free games whenever the opportunity strikes. Each month, whenever the new games with gold or PS Plus titles are releases, I go ahead and claim them just in case I have an urge to go back anytime. If you ever feel like you would maybe play Endless Space Collection, I would recommend grabbing it.