Enemies in Transistor Will Evolve with the Player, "Shoring Up Weaknesses You've Been Able to Exploit"

February 21, 2014

Enemies in the upcoming Transistor, the second title from Bastion creators Supergiant Games will evolve with the player, creative director Greg Kasavin has said.

The main antagonists of Transistor go by the name the “Process,” a group of enemies that are designed to challenge the player throughout the game. Initially, they’ll have weaknesses that can be exploited by the enemy, but depending on how the player fights them, they’ll start to evolve, covering up their weaknesses. From the sound of things, they’ll also be gaining other abilities based off the player, instead of simply getting more health and dishing out more damage.


In later encounters you’ll have to weigh a number of different priorities as you take on a dangerous faction called the Process. The Process has several unusual properties, such as how it gains experience levels and new abilities over the course of the game, shoring up weaknesses you’ve been able to exploit.

One of the assets players will have when going up against the Process is the time pause system shown off in gameplay videos last year, one of the mechanics that set Transistor apart from Bastion. Interestingly however, the game won’t force you to use the pause system in a given way, instead allowing each player to adapt it to their own style of play.

Whether they use it to press the attack or as a last-ditch measure or for evasive maneuvers, or just for pausing and surveying, it’s all viable in any proportion with the real-time combat.

We knew we were onto something with it when we noticed that everyone on our team was using [The pause system] differently when we played.

Transistor will launch later this year on PC and PlayStation 4. Linux and Mac releases will follow.



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