English Patch for SaGa 2 DS Remake Released

English Patch for SaGa 2 DS Remake Released


Known in America as Final Fantasy Legend II on the GameBoy, SaGa 2 was remade by Square Enix for the DS two years ago, but never made it to the US. Now fanslation group Crimson Nocturnal has released a patch for the DS title converting all the text in the game to English. Their next project looks to be the sequel, SaGa 3.

Of course, to play it you’ll need a homebrew device and a digital version of the game. I suggest you acquire a copy through legal means, in fact it’s on sale at Play-Asia right now for $34.90.

In a preview for the remake, 1Up’s Jeremy Parish said this:

Given the original’s lasting appeal, it’s hardly surprising that Square Enix has decided to revisit the game with a remake. What is surprising is that this new remake is no slapdash cell phone game, but rather a full-on DS game with gorgeous 3D graphics and stirring audio quality. SaGa 2: Goddess of Destiny marks the first time a Game Boy title has been reworked to this degree — and it’s an impressive reworking indeed.