Enjoy the Best of 2016 in the Newest Humble Bundle

Enjoy the Best of 2016 in the Newest Humble Bundle

Your chance to support charity while simultaneously adding to your PC’s digital library is back again via Humble Bundle.

This latest offering doesn’t bundle some cheap shovelware though and instead includes the “Best of 2016”; specifically, some of the best rated titles from the various Humble Bundles that went live last year.

Right now you can pay what you want for Else Heart.Break(), Evoland 2 and Victor Vran.

If you beat the average, which at the time of this writing is $3.72, you’ll get those games as well as Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition, Stronghold Crusader 2 and early access to Rust.

Pay more than $10 and get all aforementioned software as well as Homeworld Remastered Collection on top of soundtracks for Evoland 2 and Else Heart.Break(), plus 10% off a new subscription to Humble Monthly.

The codes are redeemable via Steam and DRM free and you even get to choose from a list of charities to donate to. Head over to the Humble Store to start shopping.