Darkflow Software’s Enlisted is Advancing to Xbox Game Preview This Year

Darkflow Software’s Enlisted is Advancing to Xbox Game Preview This Year

Enlisted is an upcoming MMO shooter set in WWII. It was announced at E3 2018 that it will arrive on Xbox Game Preview this year.

Enlisted is a squad-based MMO shooter by Darkflow Software and has been announced to be arriving on Xbox Game Preview this year. While the game was announced back in 2016 for PC it still hasn’t officially launched yet and is currently running pre-alpha tests. Gaijin Entertainment is publishing the title and is well known for War Thunder and Crossout.

It was during Microsoft’s 2018 E3 Stream that the announcement for Xbox Game Preview was made, and players can expect to take up arms as American, Soviet, or German soldiers as they take part in battles based during WWII. There are due to be hundreds of soldiers on the same match and according to the websites FAQ section, it states that Darkflow Software has run tests with 120-150 soldiers but this number is not definite for the final version of the game.

Enlisted boasts about a unique game mechanic for an AI controlled squad that is said to transform the traditional military multiplayer FPS game to a more realistic experience. Several game modes are planned for Enlisted, and yes, there will be a Battle Royale mode.

Alexander Polyakov, lead producer of Darkflow Software said in a press release:

We want to widen the genre of realistic FPS to a bigger audience. Realism should not always mean lengthy preparation and an extended road to the first battle. Realism should be the battle conditions and weapon characteristics being close to reality, it’s in the active interaction with your team or squad, it’s in the massive battles, where you can lose hundreds of soldiers in one assault. This is what we aim for in Enlisted

Enlisted’s Xbox Game Preview version will bring the following game modes for players to test:

  • Invasion
  • Offensive
  • City Battle
  • Battle Royale

The Invasion game mode will bring asymmetrical gameplay that pits two teams against one another as they attempt to complete various objectives. Objectives such as one team capturing and holding a large section of the map, or eliminating the opposing team. Each player will lead a squad controlled by AI that will react to commands issued to them. If the player dies they’ll take control of the nearest available soldier from their squad.

The Offensive mode will allow fortifications to be built, vehicles to drive, and more powerful weapons. The playing area is much larger than the Invasion game mode. City Battles will allow multiple numbers of participants to battle in a city setting.

The Battle Royale mode in Enlisted will feature two teams on a battlefield with access to vehicles such as tanks and cars. Obviously, the game mode will see players fighting to be the last man standing. Enlisted: Cuisine Royale is available for free as a standalone title.

Players can apply to take part in the PC alpha test of Enlisted by going here, it will also be arriving on Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One consoles sometime this year.