Enslaved: Retailer Specific Bonuses Revealed

Enslaved: Retailer Specific Bonuses Revealed


Gamers will have some tough choices to make when Namco Bandai’s newest Action Adventure epic Enslaved releases this fall. Various bonus items are available for the title, depending upon which retailer you decide to buy it from. While many titles have done this in the past, few have had such a myriad of options. There are comic books, DLC and even the game’s soundtrack available in various packages and bundles. Some items are pre-order only, while others will still be available post-release. Pre-ordering from Gamestop or EB Games Canada will net you a DLC code for a special costume for the main character Monkey.


This ninja themed costume will give the player an unlimited supply of an otherwise rare item, which can only be a good thing. Walmart and Walmart Canada also have a DLC costume code. This costume is red and gold with an asian theme, and doubles the strength of Monkeys physical attacks.  Nice.width="300"

Best Buy and Best Buy Canada are offering a DLC costume not for Monkey but for his female accomplice Trip. Aside from a robotic aesthetic, this costume will double the effectiveness of all stun techniques, including monkeys. Now aside from DLC bonuses, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca are offering the game bundled with the original soundtrack, composed by Nitin Sawhney.width="117"

Future Shop Canada and TARGET are offering a custom made 40-page mini comic created by Marvel, who need no introduction. It can be speculated that one retailer will offer both the mini comic and the soundtrack with the game as the collector savvy will be wanting them both. Enslaved is being developed by Ninja Theory and it’s expected release date is October 8, 2010.