Enter the Gungeon Last Update Adds Mode and Lets You Pet the Dog

Enter the Gungeon Last Update Adds Mode and Lets You Pet the Dog

The Enter the Gungeon final update "Farewell to Arms" launches, adding new modes and the (IMPORTANT!) ability to pet the dog.

The Enter the Gungeon unique brand of bullet hell shooting might be finishing up its post-launch updates, but it is going out with a bang. Developer Dodge Roll and publisher Devolver Digital released their final content update, “Farewell to Arms” and it is an explosive way to end an indie darling’s life.

The update packs quite the punch of new features and gameplay improvements. Obviously, they’re bringing out a number of new guns and items. The new synergies these bring should keep players busy for quite a while.

Dodge Roll has also added two new playable characters and a new secret floor with a new boss. They’ve also given players Rainbow Mode. This community-inspired mode sees you start each floor with a Rainbow chest. You can take one item from the chest and that is your only source for items during your entire run. Every other chest is locked off by an NPC named Bowler.

Veteran players are likely happy to see that Dodge Roll has increased the DPS cap on bosses slightly. Previously, if you had a gun synergy that could chunk a boss down quickly, the game wouldn’t let you. A synergy that could knock off 50% of the bosses health in a short burst would be capped to something like 5%, inflating the bosses difficulty. Now that cap is raised and your OP combo will more appropriately shred Enter the Gungeon’s bosses.

The most important addition though? You can finally pet the dog!

Enter the Gungeon and its “Farewell to Arms” update is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you were hoping to jump in, you can grab the game now on Amazon.

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