Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill Listed for PS4, Penned by Kakegurui’s Author Homura Kawamoto

Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill Listed for PS4, Penned by Kakegurui’s Author Homura Kawamoto

Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill will be revealed at TGS 2019, might be some mix between Senko no Ronde and Kakegurui, and should be coming west.

Konami published on August 28 its schedule for Tokyo Game Show 2019, held from September 12 to 15 at Makuhari Messe. In the category for games from Konami’s business partners, a brand new IP is listed, titled Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill.

Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill could be translated to “False Accusations Enforcing Game Yurukill“. Yurukill is listed for PS4 and is described as an “Escape ADV” and as a “Shooting” game. “ADV” are what visual novel-like games are called in Japan, and “Shooting” means it’ll include Shoot’em up gameplay.

On the Konami page, Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill‘s website links refer to Izanagi Games. Izanagi Games is led by Shinsuke Umeda and is a studio focusing on producing Japanese games and bringing said games overseas. This means it’s highly likely Yurukill will be released outside Japan.

One of Izanagi Games’ current public project is the production of Death March Club.
Death March Club is the first work of Too Kyo Games, helmed by Danganronpa‘s Kazutaka Kodaka and Infinity Series‘ Kotaro Uchikoshi. The Zero Escape series, much more popular in the west than Ever 17 and co, is also one of Uchikoshi’s works. Yurukill being an “Escape ADV” means it should be similar to the Zero Escape series.

Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill will be fully revealed during a TGS stage event held by Izanagi Games on September 13, Yurukill will actually be playable during TGS as well. The stage event will feature Shinsuke Umeda and Hiroyuki Maruyama, the representative of G. Rev.
G. Rev is the studio behind the extremely original versus Shoot’em up series Senko no Ronde. They also developed Under Defeat on arcade and Dreamcast, one of the console’s last and best shmups.

Taking all of this into account, we can make two conjectures about Yurukill. Either it’s one of Too Kyo Games’ currently unannounced projects, or it’s one of G.Rev’s currently unannounced projects. The later is the most likely scenario.

The other big point worth mentioning is that Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill‘s scenario is penned by Homura Kawamoto, the author of Kakegurui. With Homura Kawamoto as scenarist and Tooru Naomura handling the art, Kakegurui is one of the biggest successes of Gangan Comics, the manga publisher owned by Square Enix. Kakegurui already got two anime seasons, two live-action seasons and a movie, and four different spinoff manga, three of which are still ongoing along with the main manga. The main Kakegurui manga had over 4 million copies in print as of 2018.

Seeing its title and all of the above, Yurukill should have an atmosphere similar to Kakegurui. Kakegurui never gets too dark, doesn’t mix up shock value with plot maturity, and never takes itself too seriously, so I particularly enjoy the manga. I’m not a fan of the character redesigns of the anime adaptation though. Kakegurui‘s iconic “crazy lesbians sexually addicted to gambling” faces are too forced in the anime in my opinion, making them lose their charm. Kakegurui‘s manga isn’t above flaws either, as it has too many boring shonen developments at times. There’s also the fact that the two most popular characters, Mary and Midari, having their own spinoff manga made them get less screentime in the main story.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to actually seeing Enzai Shikkou Yuugi Yurukill at TGS. You can be sure whatever gets announced there will be covered on DualShockers. Our coverage probably won’t be the first one out, but it’ll come with as many details as possible.