Epic Designer Offers Details on Fortnite Via Twitter

Epic Designer Offers Details on Fortnite Via Twitter

Lee Perry, lead designer at Epic Games, has spent the last 24 hours or so answering questions about the Gears of War studio’s latest project, which was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards Saturday. From what he’s divulged so far, Epic’s newest game will focus heavily on free-form construction, borrowing a bit from a similar game that had been in beta until this year.

Minecraft was an inspiration, for sure,” he tweeted in response to a follower.

Perry also said he has no new information regarding a release date or platform for the title and that chances are “high” players will be able to craft their own weapons, explore underground, take on bosses and participate in a survival mode. True to the game’s title, players will have to hole up in their forts for two weeks until help arrives.

Fortnite will differ from Minecraft in that the latter title allows players to build absolutely anything, whereas Epic’s game will focus on constructing and destroying buildings in order to fortify a defense against dark creatures.

Perry also mentioned the reason the game’s title is stylized as “Fortnite.”

“It’s very hard to trademark a normal word like fortnight,” he tweeted.

It also appears development of the title wasn’t necessarily the work of a small group of folks at Epic, but rather a collaboration of “CRAZY organic war-room of passionate game devs.”

My only question: Can Epic do free-form construction as well as it does third-person shooters? Perry seems to think so. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the project.