Epic Games Receives Support from Phil Spencer and Microsoft in Ongoing Dispute with Apple

Epic Games Receives Support from Phil Spencer and Microsoft in Ongoing Dispute with Apple

Spencer has spoken out in favor of Epic Games and the availability of its Unreal Engine for developers on Apple platforms.

It turns out that Epic Games’ ongoing battle against the powers that be over at Apple isn’t one they’ll have to fight alone.

Recently, Microsoft filed a new statement in support of Epic that made clear the company’s stance on the whole situation. Specifically, Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill, who was the one who wrote the statement, stressed that Epic Unreal Engine in particular is a vital tool for developers that needs to be available to all. As of August 28, Apple plans to cut off Epic from all avenues, including those related to development tools such as Unreal.

After the statement went live, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, shared the statement himself and spoke out in support of what Epic is currently going through. “Ensuring that Epic has access to the latest Apple technology is the right thing for gamer developers & gamers,” Spencer said plainly.

While this might just seem like Microsoft is speaking out in support of something that they think is wrong, the mega-corporation definitely is playing its own meta-game with this statement. Earlier this month, it was announced that Microsoft’s xCloud service wouldn’t be able to launch on iOS devices due to Apple essentially blocking the app for a variety of reasons. Microsoft backing Epic in this situation, as such, shouldn’t be considered a shock, especially since a major win on Epic’s part here could prove beneficial for Microsoft as well.

This whole situation could very well be coming to a head with the August 28 date looming later this week. Stay tuned as this whole saga will surely continue to develop further.