Epic Games Issues FNBRLeaks a Cease-And-Desist Claiming It “Spoiled the Game for Millions”

Epic Games Issues FNBRLeaks a Cease-And-Desist Claiming It “Spoiled the Game for Millions”

Epic Games are getting all legal yet again.

Last week we saw Lachlan. a YouTuber who appeared to accidentally publish a video showing Fortnite’s —at the time— unannounced Fortnite CreativeWhile it’s one thing to accidentally leak information prior to it being announced, it’s another to actively go out of your way to find and share unannounced information.

FNBRLeaks is well known for giving users information about anything related to Fortnite that is still yet to be revealed, but it appears the time has now come to an end after Epic Games sent out a cease-and-desist letter. According to Eurogamer who reported on this, a user, Scenario posted the below image in the FNBRLeaks Discord showing a cease-and-desist letter claiming that Preston has “spoiled the game for millions” by datamining the files added with each patch and leaking future information. They also state that Preston negatively impacts those who work hard on the title and say. “The fact he is a teenager makes this no less true.”

The letter demands immediate removal and destruction of any unauthorized Epic-related content from all of Preston’s social media accounts. The Twitter account, which is now dead had surpassed 240,000 followers. However, the Instagram page and website remain online for now, although as the Twitter account has been deleted you can expect to see those go offline at some point.

Epic Games are no stranger to issuing legal threats, earlier this year in October they brought legal charges to a YouTuber who was selling Fortnite cheats, they also filed a civil lawsuit against a 14-year-old who was accused of cheating. Earlier this year Epic Games began banning Fortnite accounts of those who datamined.

This move from Epic Games may sway others away from leaking information about Fortnite. In other news, season 7 has recently gone live and the developer has launched their own digital distribution store known as the Epic Games Store.

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