Epic Games is Sending Out the First Wave of Fortnite Alpha Invites Today

on December 1, 2014 6:49 PM

Today Epic Games has sent out the first batch of Alpha invites for its survival sandbox game Fortnite. The first phase of testing has been eloquently dubbed ‘Online Test No. 1’ and will be running from December 2nd until December 19th with more testers gradually being added as it the alpha progresses.

Currently only members of the Fortnite community are being invited to for this first test, but for those interested in taking part in the Alpha can sign up for future online tests on the game’s offical website. Don’t fret though, as each invite comes with two extra invites to get your friends playing with you, so hit up your buddies for codes or keep your eyes peeled for community members that are willing to share their invites online.

This initial phase of alpha will be for Epic to test the essentials of the game and make sure they are working on a larger scale. This includes things like basic game functions ranging from sign-ups and patching, not just the actual gameplay.

Fortnite is set to release at a yet to be determined date in 2015. You can checkout a new trailer about the Fortnite experience below to get a taste of what is coming your way next year.

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