Epic Games Not Interested In Kinect

on July 7, 2011 4:30 PM

Despite rumors to the contrary, Epic Games, the developer known for its work on the dude-bro Gears of War franchise, is not really interested in using the Kinect in future titles, or at all actually. Using the twitterverse, Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, clarified that he wasn’t talking about Kinect, only the Unreal 3 Engine, and that he certainty isn’t ‘dying’ to make Kinect games. All that was meant by the comment was that Epic Games is happy that the Unreal 3 Engine is used heavily in Kinect game development.

Really, it wouldn’t make sense, given that Epic Games has at least tried to appeal to the ‘hardcore’ crowd. Really, could you imagine Marcus Fenix being controlled by motion tech. Just sounds un-masculine to me. So in other words, don’t expect any Kinect functionality with Gears of War 3, but of course you can never totally predict what the future will hold.

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