Epic Games Store is Offering These 3 Digital Tabletop Games for Free Next Week

Three beloved tabletop games will be making their digital debut on Epic Games Store next week for free on PC, starting on February 6.

January 30, 2020

Since the Epic Games Store first debuted in late 2018, Epic Games has been working hard to not only bring a wide range of users to its platform through exclusive titles and free games, but also to bring on a number of diverse publishers and studios to bring content to the store itself. While Epic has brought on everything from major AAA releases to smaller indie games, developer Asmodee Digital is helping to bring a new genre of games to the Epic Games Store, starting with a selection of three of its best tabletop titles next week.

Publisher Asmodee Digital revealed that the digital versions of Ticket to RideCarcassonne, and Pandemic will all be available on the Epic Games Store for free from February 6 – 13, 2020, giving Epic Games Store users the perfect chance to dive into the world of tabletop gaming in digital form. I especially love Ticket to Ride and Pandemic myself, and Carcassonne has been a tabletop classic for just about two decades, making them perfect ways to get into tabletop games.


Asmodee Digital CEO Pierre Ortolan said in a statement that “we aim to get more and more onboard with our passion” (in this case being tabletop gaming). Ortolan added that with the company’s partnership with Epic Games to bring its titles to the storefront, it will enable Asmodee “to introduce new audiences to the genres we love,” and that the development team wanted to pick “major iconic digital board game adaptations” that are “appealing for a broad audience, thus acting as the ideal gateways towards more complex mechanics.”

Having played a ton of Ticket to Ride and Pandemic myself, Asmodee definitely picked a great selection of games to introduce PC gamers to the world of tabletop games, especially at the low price of “free.” That said, it’s a smart play by Asmodee to bring in new users with a selection of some of its best games for free that can potentially expand them to new titles down the line, along with bringing a new genre of gaming over to the Epic Games Store.

Like previous Epic Games Store free titles, all you have to do to claim the free games is log on to the Epic Games Store launcher between February 6 – 13 and add the games to your library at that time, where they will be yours to keep.

Ryan Meitzler

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