Gone Home and Hob are now Free on The Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store continues its weekly giving-spree as Gone Home and Hob are free to own from April 2 to April 7, 2020.

By Josh Starr

April 3, 2020

This week both Gone Home and Hob are free to own on The Epic Games Store.

Those who pay attention to PC gaming have grown used to Epic’s weekly free games. Meanwhile, for others who are looking for indoor entertainment, I’d highly recommend checking The Epic Store every Thursday.

The first of this week’s free games is Fullbright’s acclaimed 2013 atmospheric mystery game Gone Home. In Gone Home, you arrive home after a year abroad and explore your house in order to learn what happened while you were away. I can’t say too much more without getting into spoiler territory, but Gone Home is widely regarded as a great game, as its 86 on Metacritic and 9 here at DualShockers suggest. It’s a game that many consider a walking simulator; however, I don’t see this as a negative label. In fact, I consider walking simulators to be some of the best entry-level games, making Gone Home perfect for anyone stuck at home. Additionally, Gone Home is one of the rare Epic Store games that can be played on Mac, making it even more accessible.

The second free game Hob is one that I haven’t played, but have been eyeing for a while now. Hob has a very colorful graphic style that looks similar to the Torchlight games, which isn’t a coincidence considering both titles are from developer Runic games. Hob is an action-adventure game that wasn’t super well-received through our own review but is certainly worth giving a shot, especially for free.

Finally, as a bonus, Drawful 2 is available for free on both Steam and The Epic Store. Drawful 2 is a hilarious group party game that can be played with up to eight friends. Only one person is required to own Drawful 2 in order to play, while everyone else can join in on their mobile devices. It’s easy for any audience to approach, and an absolute blast.

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Have fun with these free games and check DualShockers regularly for more deals!

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