Epic Games Store Gives Away World War Z and More

Epic Games Store Gives Away World War Z and More

Another week means another batch of free games on The Epic Games Store; this time featuring 2019's World War Z game and two others.

FigmentTormentor x Punisher, and most notably World War Z are all currently free on the Epic Games Store. Epic has constantly been giving away free games since its PC marketplace launched, and this week is no exception. While this isn’t one of Epic’s more crazy offerings; like the time they gave the Batman Arkham Trilogy away, it’s still a good one. All three of these titles sit around a 70 on Metacritic and the last-minute inclusion of Saber Interactive’s World War Z is surprising considering it released 11 months ago.

Going one by one, Figment is a 2017 action-adventure game by Bedtime Digital Games. It’s cute and colorful graphical style remind me of Child of Light. Meanwhile, it’s floating environments are very reminiscent of Supergiant’s indie masterpiece Bastion. Tormentor x Punisher is a violent twin-stick shooter where “Everything can be killed in one hit… including you”. It’s in a rogue-like style as you essentially fight through rounds of demons in the same arena. However, it also features local co-op which could be perfect for you and a fellow isolation buddy. Lastly, World War Z is a third-person shooter that released just last April on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I’d say it’s surprising to see World War Z, free on Epic so soon; but then I realized it’s not on Steam so many PC players probably didn’t buy it. Hopefully, this move will populate multiplayer servers.


I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the Epic Games Store. It lacks countless features that feel like easy implementations. However, it’s hard to say no to free games; even if I never play them and keep adding to my ever-growing backlog in the process. That being said, World War Z could provide some great fun with friends, while Figment looks like it might be a hidden gem. Go claim these games, and keep your eyes on DualShockers for more free games to distract you while stuck inside.