Epic Games Store Changes Refund Policy to Match Steam

In a new rollout, Epic Games have updated the refund policy for the Epic Games Store and have added more support for regional pricing.

January 11, 2019

Epic Games has changed the refund policy of their brand new digital store to match its competitors – particularly Valve’s marketplace. In a series of tweets on Friday, SteamSpy creator and Epic employee Sergey Galyonkin updated consumers on the situation regarding highly requested Epic Games Store features.

Galyonkin posted an update via Twitter to celebrate the store’s upcoming support for a total of 30 different regions / 130 countries in displaying local currency. This is a feature long wanted by customers since the launch of the store. Currently, a lot of users are given pricing of games in USD, meaning that paying through their local currency’s value can result in overcharging. The upcoming support for even more regions is good to hear, and Galyonkin assures us that there are more to come.


Even more significant news regarding the store is that Epic Games has reworked the refund policy to match Steam; which involves a no-questions-asked refund as long as the customer has had the game less than 2 weeks and less than 2 hours of playtime. Pre-orders can be canceled at any time up until 14 days prior to launch.

This is great news for those who did not like the original idea of a “per-year” refund system, which was inspired by Fortnite’s current cosmetic refund policy in which you have 3 refund tokens that last you a lifetime and then you cannot refund an item ever again. It works better for cosmetics than it does for full-fledged video game purchases, I guess.

In other news, Galyonkin also confirmed that support for indie game self-publishing on the store will be rolled out gradually later this year rather than “a grand ‘now open for everyone’ event.” We can only presume more details are to come. The store is advertising itself as one of the best ways for indie game developers to make money – offering an 88/12 revenue split with any developer.

However, Discord announced the expansion of its store just weeks after – promising a huge 90/10 revenue split with more information to come later in the year. We have yet to hear more regarding both Epic Games Store and Discord Store self-publishing.

You can currently pick up What Remains of Edith Finch for free right now on the Epic Games Store until January 24, 2019.

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