Epic Games Store’s First Major Sale is Live Now

Epic Games Store’s First Major Sale is Live Now

This sale is actually really, really good.

With the Epic Games Store now being about six months old, the storefront has now accumulated enough titles to warrant having its first major sale.

Starting today, May 16, and lasting until next month on June 13, the Epic Mega Sale will be transpiring on the Epic Games Store. The sale sees games marked down at various degrees all the way up to 75%. Additionally, all games that cost $14.99 or more being discounted by $10 on Epic’s part at no additional cost to the publisher or the developer of said game.

Virtually every game that is actively on the Epic Games Store is taking part in this sale, too. Games that are up for pre-purchase are even available at discounted prices for this sale as well. Upcoming games like ControlJohn Wick HexTrover Saves the UniverseObservation, and others are seeing hefty discounts before they’ve even arrived. Digital storefront sales happen all the time nowadays, but this one actually seems pretty good.

Lastly, Epic also announced today that it will be giving out more free games in the coming weeks as it has already done in the past. Rather than giving away one free game every two weeks though, Epic says it will now be offering up one free game every one week instead. This starts with Stories Untold as of now with future games joining this service to be announced later.

If you’d like to see the full list of games that are discounted in this sale, you can head over to Epic’s official site to learn more.