I Went to Epic Games Support to Unlink My Nintendo Switch; I Left with Unwanted Therapy

I Went to Epic Games Support to Unlink My Nintendo Switch; I Left with Unwanted Therapy

While trying to work with Epic Games Support to resolve an issue I was facing with account linking, I ended up with a strange response.

Earlier this year I downloaded Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch which requires you to sign in with your Epic Games account and link the two accounts. Long story short, my ex-partner wanted to try Fortnite, I made an Epic Games account for them, then at some point my Nintendo Switch account has been accidentally linked to their Epic Games account.

With Dauntless launching on the Nintendo Switch this week I wanted to jump on and enjoy it after failing to get to grips with the Xbox One version of the game. “Who knows, perhaps the portability that comes with the Switch would be a more comfortable experience?” I thought.

Dauntless requires a darn Epic Games account to play, and as a result it signs me into my ex-partners account automatically, reminding me of this issue I couldn’t resolve. I reached out to Epic Games support to find out if there’s a way to unlink the accounts. Here’s me kickstarting the email exchange:


I was told I needed to set up a nameless account (below left). I created the nameless account but was being prompted with a message from both accounts saying, “Sorry but this Nintendo account has already been associated with another Epic Games account.”


I responded, providing the screenshot of the issue, still befuddled about the whole thing. At this rate, it was looking a simpler task to just reinstall the game on the Xbox One. That’s when Gerard, my Epic Games chat pal informed me that the issue is somewhat related to the device itself (below left). I questioned deleting my entire Epic Games accounts as a solution.

Of course, deleting my entire account seemed counterproductive. I’ve got those free games I’ve grabbed every now and then after all.

Epic Games

This is where the replies had started to get a bit weirder. The top of the reply regarding deleting my account started with, “Your reply is always valuable, We will always be grateful in helping you!” A somewhat gentle tone of reassurance, although perhaps overdoing it. He goes on to clarify (below left) that deleting the account would basically get rid of everything. Progress, items, and games. Certainly something I’m a bit reluctant to do, especially if it doesn’t actually resolve the issue.

Then it dawns on me, seeing as I don’t want to play on the ex-partners account, that surely eradicating that will resolve the issue? If the account no longer exists, surely there’s no link to be made?

Epic Games

My new buddy Gerard replies, starting the email with, “Thank you for replying, much appreciated!” Almost as if it’s actually just an automated prompt, and not Gerard actually being glad to still be talking to me. But then the rest of the email seems to read as if they’ve forgotten what issue is. Asking me to reconfirm what accounts I’m having trouble with. He signs the email with, “We appreciate your future response.” An almost passive-aggressive tone lingering amongst it.

“Perhaps they’ve become confused about what they’re trying to resolve,” I wonder. So I try to make the next email as simple as I can with short lines.


I hope that the short sentences don’t come across as rude, but more so a way to simplify the apparent confusion of what we’re both trying to achieve here. After sending that email I had actually started to reinstall Dauntless on the Xbox One where I know my Epic Games account works wonderfully. Then I hear the email ding notification alert come from my mobile phone. It was from Gerard. I squee’d with some weird excitement hoping the issue was near resolution.

But things got weird. Gerard appeared to have returned to the conversation woke. Of course, it started with another overly friendly introduction, “Valuable reply,”


“We thank you for providing the Epic Games account email address. Upon checking, we have identified that the Epic Games account has a Nintendo Switch that is disconnected. We understand that this is frustrating on your part as you are unable to link your account to it. However, there is no way for you to link your current Nintendo Switch account to your Epic Games account. Once the type of console has been initially linked to your Epic Games account, you will be unable to link another console account of that type.

Please be strong and do not let your emotions take over. Maybe in the future, you will get rewarded for being mature enough to let things go. Sometimes we need to let other things go before we get what we deserve better.

Thank you for your understanding, time and patience with the issue.”

I couldn’t figure it out. Was Gerard assuming I was an angry 12-year old lad screaming at his Nintendo Switch? Had I rubbed Gerard up the wrong way despite being calm and collected throughout our exchange? And were they basically saying, “You can’t play Dauntless on your Switch so just give up”?

I couldn’t make head or tails of it, but I certainly felt as if I had learned about being rewarded for being mature and letting things go. Perhaps my reward would be to finally have the correct Epic Games account access on my Nintendo Switch. I suppose I can only hope and wait.

I find it strange that the linking process appears to be directly connected to the Switch system itself, especially after G-man said, “Once you have linked the type of console you will not be able to remove the initial account that is linked.” However, I also find the final response to be incredibly strange.