Epic Games' Tim Sweeney is "Looking Forward to our Digital Future"

Epic Games Chief Financial Officer Tim Sweeney spoke with the folks over at Edge, and discussed next gen and why he’s “looking forward to our digital future.”

Sweeney cited the inefficiency of retail as one of the biggest culprits stating that “You run ads on television so that people walk into a retail store, buy a piece of plastic and stick it into their digitally connected device. I think we have a lot of latitude – publishers and developers alike – to increase the efficiency of that. Once you have a game, it’s available pervasively online, and your devices are all Internet-connected, do you really need to run television ads to get people to find it at the top of the App Store?”

Another interesting tidbit, especially when taking into account Epic’s relationship with Microsoft and coming off the rumors of an “always connected” next gen XBOX Sweeney added, “I’m looking forward to our digital future. Development budgets are going to be the dominant cost in the industry, and [increasing] the efficiency of building games will directly improve profitability. As we move more sales of games out of retail, that creates a lot more flexibility for developers to make games at different scales and price them differently.”

Moving sales out of retail, eh? I have the strange suspicion he’s not just talking about the initial purchase. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how and when Microsoft  will decide to seal our fates. Stay tuned to DualShockers for all of your next gen console news.




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