Epic Releases Unreal UDK With iOS Support, Details Costs

Epic Games released their latest Unreal Developer Kit for the Unreal 3 Engine last month, and a new version is ready to go this month that adds on support for the iOS platforms using same tools that created Epic Citadel and Infinity Blade. It’s still quite shocking to see how powerful this engine is on a mobile platform.

The iOS UDK will be free to download and use for non-commercial or educational purposes. If you’d like to develop a commercial title you’ll have to buy a $99 license, and after your game makes more than $5,000 Epic will take 25% of the profit. With Apple already taking 30% that’s quite a hit off your bottom dollar.

Head to their official site to download the UDK, and check out a video of it in action after the break.

John Colaw

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