Kingdom Come: Deliverance And Aztez are The Epic Game Store's Next Free Games

The Epic Games Store has updated with more fantastic free titles.

While some may see multiple game storefronts as bothersome, more options are definitely good for competition. Everyone has to stand out in some way – the Epic Games Store does so by offering up free games every week. The next pair of free titles hitting the platform is the hyper-realistic medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the brutal 2D beat-em-up Aztez.

We reviewed Kingdom Come: Deliverance a while back, and while it didn’t impress initially, it has vastly improved in the time since. The game is now bug-free and has multiple DLC packs that add hours upon hours of content. That’s not all – the game also comes with an optional HD texture pack. Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks stunning on its own, but if you’ve got a beefy enough PC and want the game to get a graphical boost, the option’s there. Presumably, its free week will be the initial launch of the game on the Epic Games Store. It has a store page already but cannot be purchased. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is currently listed at $29.99 on Steam and will be free on the Epic Games Store starting February 13.

Also debuting on the Epic Games Store for free is Aztez, the hyper-stylized beat-em-up from Team Colorblind. You play as the king of the Aztecs and must deploy your elite Aztez warriors to different areas to resolve disputes. Deciding where to send fighters is the beginning of the choices you’ll make in this game. Aztez is also part RTS so you have to manage your kingdom, perform sacrifices, and summon Aztec gods in preparation of an unknown enemy. Aztez is currently listed on Steam at $19.99.

There are still more free games coming if you pay attention to the Epic Games Store. The program, started last year, has been extended throughout the entirety of 2020. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the games available so far as there’ll be plenty more coming.

The current free titles Epic is dishing out are Ticket to Ride and CarcassonnePandemic was also on that list but has since been removed and will be free again at a later date. These titles are available up until February 13 and can be downloaded here.

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