ESA TV Goes Live

ESA TV Goes Live

We just got news today that the ESA launched ESA TV, an online video blog series that provides gamers with some interesting and informative content about the computer and video game industry. The first video of the series brings to life ESA’s 2009 Essential Facts, check it out below.

Some of these stats are very interesting, like the percentage of female gamers and the percentage of parents that are present when a child purchases their games. My favorite part of the video is where the video game industry is labeled as “serious money”, long live video games.

You can also check out ESA TV here.

2 responses to “ESA TV Goes Live”

  1. lchavo says:

    Good facts, son. I’ll be doing some schooling with real numbers, to all the haters.

  2. Do you think Veronica Mars is the best tv show for ’09?