Hand-Drawn Platformer Escape Doodland Hits Kickstarter Goal With No Time to Spare

The hand-crafted, hand-drawn platformer Escape Doodland receives funding and will be heading to PC, Mac, and iOS (missing PS4 and Switch ports).

Kickstarter is a breeding ground for exciting game releases, and all too often, a final resting place. While many independent titles and passion projects can find their niche audiences and flourish, others inevitably fall by the wayside. Escape Doodland is one of the former, but not by much.

Yesterday, on its final day of fundraising, Escape Doodland finally crept past its fundraising goal of $10,000 Canadian. Escape Doodland is a two-dimensional, hand-drawn platformer where players take control of one of ten doodle monsters as they make their way through gorgeous, hand-crafted stages. The game combines a refreshing and carefully constructed art style with its own brand of offbeat, irreverent humor. The most poignant examples of this humor are the gameplay mechanics that allows players to utilize their doodle monsters’ farts as boosts and attack. With the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, it’s hard to imagine not having a good laugh with your friends while playing this game.

With the games quirky, well-defined sense of self, Escape Doodland looks to be one of the more inspired efforts by Polish publisher PlayWay. A brief peek at PlayWay’s publishing history reveals a library of exclamatory, adrenaline-fueled simulators, such as Bum Simulator, Cooking Simulator, and other titles of the same nature.

While Escape Doodland did not reach its lofty PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch stretch goals, it survived a Kickstarter campaign, and for most games, that’s something to be celebrated in itself. And who knows where games will get ported following a successful release.

Escape Doodland currently has no scheduled release date. However, the games Kickstarter page states that the publisher would like the game out by “mid-year.” Seeing as it’s already May, all signs point to the game arriving late summer at the earliest. Escape Doodland will initially be released on PC and Mac with an iOS version to come later.

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Travis Verbil

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