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Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Update Patch Notes February 22

More fixes for Scavs.

February 22, 2022

Escape From Tarkov (EFT) will receive a new update today that will fix a number of issues with Scavs and their behavior in the game, according to the official patch notes.

Today, Battlestate Games is installing a brand new update on the game that brings down the servers for 4 hours at least.

According to the developer, Escape From Tarkov servers are currently offline and are expected to be back online today at 3 am PT/6 am ET/11 am UTC/12 pm CET.

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Once the maintenance is finished, you will be required to download the latest update before going back to the game. Below, you can check out the patch notes of the update:


Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Update Patch Notes


  • Decreased possible performance drops on the Flea Market, presets, handbook, stash, skills, and tasks screens.
  • Various client optimizations.

List of Changes:

  • Now, when transferring a container needed to complete a task/craft/zone construction in the Hideout, you can only hand over an empty container. When trying to transfer a non-empty container, you’ll receive a notification saying “You can’t hand over a container with items inside.”
  • Changed the conditions under which Scav bots took a prone position when engaging a player.
  • Added new sounds for SCAR-L, different from SCAR-H.

List of Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue due to which shotguns were not dealing damage.
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite loading into a raid as a Scav; Bots can phrase about other Scavs’ dead bodies again.
  • Fixed the possibility of rain appearing indoors.
  • Added missing sounds in third person for characters falling from a height/ledge.
  • Scavs no longer slide in place when changing position
  • Bots no longer walk through the train on the Lighthouse location.
  • Bots now equip found weapons on their back instead of putting them in the backpack.
  • Keys listed on Flea Market now display durability again.
  • Spamming the Caps Lock key while moving no longer lets you move almost silently without a significant slowdown.
  • Player uphill movement now looks smooth again in third person.
  • Fixed the ability to become invisible while using an AGS grenade launcher as a Scav.
  • Fixed the ability to look through the bunker walls on the Reserve location.
  • SJ6 TGLabs stimulant now correctly increases maximum stamina again.

Escape From Tarkov is now available on PC.

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