Escapists 2 Getting a Physical Release in Europe for the PS4 and Xbox One

Escapists 2 Getting a Physical Release in Europe for the PS4 and Xbox One

Escapists 2 is getting a physical release for the PS4 and Xbox One via Sold Out but unfortunately this will only be for European regions.

If a multiplayer specific trailer wasn’t enough to get your engines going for Escapists 2, maybe news of a physical release will. Team17 is teaming up with the video games distributor Sold Out to bring Xbox One and PS4 cases to players and collectors. Unfortunately these will only be available in Europe as the supplier of physical copies is based in London, England. However, both the selected consoles are not region locked meaning North American consumers can import the prison break sim if they wish.

There is a bit of sad news in all of this though. The game is currently coming out for the PC and the Switch but neither of those platforms will see a release. This could change closer to the currently unannounced launch of Escapists 2, but the smaller game we do see get surprise physical releases tend to not include Nintendo’s handheld.

Also interesting to note is that the original game was also sold in cases in Europe (I have an Xbox One version sitting on my shelf somewhere). Not surprisingly, this was also handled by Sold Out. Actually, their portfolio includes contributions to games such as Yooka-Laylee, The Banner Sagaand recently covered Aven Colony.

As for Escapists 2, if you’re not sure what you’d get with your physical copy, listen up. The game features the experience of being a prisoner looking for freedom wrapped up in indie goodness and retro graphics. The sequel expands upon the original with many multiplayer options including 4 player drop in/out missions and a violent VS mode. The new version is also packed with tons more customization options, jail activities, ways to escape, and a brand new combat system.

While no exact release date has been announced, it’s slated to come out in ‘2017’. However, Team17’s Twitter links to an article from MCV claiming that the Xbox One and PS4 physical releases will come out this summer. We’ll be there to let you know once an actual launch date is confirmed.