Who Is The Main Villain In The Eternals? Is it Kro?

Who will the Eternals face off against this November?

By Kyle Knight

August 19, 2021

With the release of Marvel’s Eternals right around the corner, fans have got a final peak of what to come with the latest trailer. There’s a lot to digest, including our first look at the main villain in Eternals.

It was previously revealed who the Eternals would be facing off against when the villain was released in various pieces of merchandise for the upcoming movie. But now the final trailer for Eternals has given us our first proper look.

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Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

Eternals Final Trailer & Release Date

The final trailer for Eternals has arrived ahead of the big release this November. Fans can check out the latest trailer right now, and check out Eternals when it arrives in theatres on Friday, November 5th.

Eternal’s new trailer has some answers that fans have been dying to know. For example, the question of ‘where were the Eternals when Thanos wiped out half the planet?’ was being thrown around a lot, but now we finally have the answer. Fans also received a first look at the giant Celestial being, Arishem.

Check out the link below to find out what role Arishem plays in the Phase 4 Marvel movie.

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Who Is The Eternals Villain? Is It Kro?

So, with plenty of action taking place against multiple enemies in the final trailer. Who exactly is the main villain that the Eternals will be facing off against this November?

The villain set to star in the upcoming Eternals movie is the deviant known as Kro. This was previously revealed via merchandise that was leaked back in March.

Kro is an evil warlord, dictator, and general to a group called The Deviants. This group was created to wage war against their counterparts, the Eternals.

The general of The Deviants, Kro, is over 20,000 years old and hides his secret power – immortal shapeshifter. The reason he hides his power is due to it making him closer to the Eternals than his own kind, meaning he must hide this power from his own people.

Now fans have got the first glimpse at Kro, they’ll have to wait to see him face off against the Eternals this November when the movie premiers only in theatres.

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