Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Gets a New English Trailer and a Sample Track

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Gets a New English Trailer and a Sample Track

A new English trailer for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl has surfaced, along with a sample battle track from the upcoming game.

The trailer showcases Raquna, the paladin and defensive type of the group. We also find out some new information about her and Arthur, as well as their party roles.

Raquna’s down-to-earth demeanor and fondness for the drink are somewhat at odds with her status as nobility, though she doesn’t let that bother her. Arthur and Simon, her partners on the Midgard Library’s investigation team, are a bit fragile, so it falls to her to keep the enemy off their backs while they do their thing. She has plenty of ways to guard her allies from harm, including raising their defense, drawing the enemy’s wrath, providing elemental resistance, and even shielding her team with her own body if necessary. When not looking after her friends, her heavy weapons and crushing damage skills let her get some good licks in.

Though Arthur is a prodigy when it comes to alchemy, most of the rest of his past is a fog as the result of a traumatic incident that leveled his hometown. Arthur’s never met a problem in the Labyrinth he didn’t want to try to solve with fire, though the player also has the option to spec him out with ice or lightning formulas, if they must. As the prime elemental damage dealer, Arthur is versatile enough to tackle all the enemies vulnerable to Fire, Ice, and Volt magic. But with the right Grimoire Stones, he has the utility to be more than a glass cannon if players choose.

If you’re interested in The Millennium Girl, you can try out the demo, which will be be released on September 16th.

The trailer is posted below. The link to listen to the sample track is here.