Euclideon Claims an Unlimited Polygon Game Is Already in Development

on May 26, 2012 2:01 PM

Bruce Robert Dell is a man with a mission, to be at the forefront of the biggest revolution in video game graphics since 3D technology. It’s no small challenge, and his company Euclideon has been making promises like this for over a year that have largely been dismissed by the gaming populace as too good to be true. Even Notch, the creator of Minecraft called them crooks, which is ironic when you think about Minecraft’s graphics.

While the technology to create a world based on 3D “atoms” does exist already, it’s limited to very high end rendering in the medical industry, and could probably melt most home computers if they tried anything like it. Euclideon is trying to make this sort of technology possible for the games industry, and made headlines when they released a video late last year, which is also at the end of this article.

Since then, the company has gone dark, refusing to talk to the public until a recent interview where Bruce Dell claimed that a video game is already in development using Euclideon’s technology. While he doesn’t have any screenshots or even a name for us, it’s shocking to think that something like this could be coming to us relatively soon. The technology is impressive, and if a game is released, even an indie one with this technology, it could radically change the gaming industry as we know it.

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