Europa Universalis IV – Rights of Man Gets Launch Trailer

on October 11, 2016 10:01 AM

Paradox Interactive’s Europa Universalis IV – Rights of Man expansion is out, and to celebrate the developer/publisher has released a new informative trailer to detail what exactly the expansion will bring to the 2013 grand strategy hit.

Rights of Man will come with scads of new content: such as great powers, new religious features, and ruler events. Here’s the official overview:

The latest expansion to Europa Universalis IV lets the world’s eight greatest powers throw their weight around with new diplomatic options, including forcing others to break their alliances or giving friendly foreign monarchs a boost to their stats. But becoming a Great Power means balancing expansion with technological prowess and development.

Rights of Man includes:

Great Powers: Greatness is rewarded with new ways to interact with the lesser nations around you.

Ruler Personalities: Your monarchs acquire Personality Traits that will help or hurt your nation, and help you anticipate the behavior of neighboring nations

Leader Traits: Generals and admirals can earn bonus abilities through combat

New Governing Tools: Debase your currency for quick cash, spend military power to increase your legitimacy, abdicate the throne or disinherit inconvenient heirs

Queen Regency: Queens can rule in the name of young heirs, with greater power than normal regencies

Religious Changes: Coptic Christians and African Fetishists have new systems, deepening the strategy for these faith groups

New Government Systems: Ruling Prussia, the Ottomans or Revolutionary Republics will be new experiences since is each getting another look and new mechanics

Rights of Man will cost $19.99. To accompany the expansion Paradox is also releasing a Rights of Man content pack for $5.99 that includes the German Princes Unit Pack and the West African Unit Pack. The two can be purchased together via a collection for $24.99 — saving you a whole dollar, but also reclaiming your social life.

Here’s the new trailer:

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