Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome Announced

Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome Announced

Today, publisher Paradox Interactive and its in-house studio Paradox Development announced Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome.

Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome is described as the first immersion pack for the best-selling historical stratgey game that introduces a wealth of region-specific content, and takes a deeper look at one of the greatest powers of the early-modern era: Russia. More specifically, Russian cultured nations will find new interactions for their government and the Orthodox Patriarchate, deepening the experience of playing nations from this culturally region.

With the expansion, Russia will now have two unique governments, with special abilities that allows them to tighten their grip on power. You can use your administrative ability to reduce provincial autonomy; call on your diplomatic resources to suppress incipient revolts; and use your military resources to quickly recruit streltsy units for your army.

An overview of the expansion is provided:

For 500 years, the princes of Russia have kept the faith. Through civil wars and Mongol conquest, the word of God has not just survived, but has united our people. Those princes who embrace the church will find glory, those who turn their back will be cast to dust. There have been two Romes, and both have fallen. Muscovy is the third.

  • Tsardoms and Principalities: New ranks of Russian government with new abilities and, for Tsars, strong bonuses including the right to claim entire States – not just provinces

  • Iconography: Commission great religious icons for the Orthodox Church, boosting your empire’s power depending on the saint you choose to revere

  • Patriarchs: Consecrate highly developed provinces with Patriarchs, adding to the authority of the Orthodox Church, but for a cost.

  • Streltsy: Special Russian soldiers that excel in combat, but raise the cost of stabilizing your empire

  • Siberian Frontier: Russian nations can slowly colonize uninhabited border regions, with no fear of native uprisings

  • New Graphics: Includes three full unit packs and new portraits for Eastern Europe.

As standard with Europa Universalis IV expansion packs, Third Rome will be accompanied by a free update available to everyone who owns the base game. Europa Universalis IV, which launched back in 2013, is available on PC, Mac, and Linux

A price-point and release date were not divulged; however, an announcement trailer was — you can check it out below: