European BlazBlue Fans Get Ultra Limited Edition of Continuum Shift

August 4, 2010

European BlazBlue players will get their hands on the newly released sequel sometime in October. This is actually very good news to them since the prequel, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, came out relatively recently in April of this year. A bit shocking considering that Calamity Trigger came out in June of last year in North America.

In any event, the wait will definitely be worth it when Europe gets a very special version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. There will be a standard and limited version of the title, in addition to this new version. The limited edition includes highly stylized cards that detail the attacks and systems of specific characters, and a very pretty ninety-six page art book. Check out the rest of the details after the break.


The cream of the three versions though is the Fan’s Edition. It includes the full limited edition, an art print, a Noel statuette (which you will recognize from the Japanese limited edition) and possibly most importantly, a DLC code for the character Makoto Nanaya, who we introduced sometime ago. This fan’s edition is ultra limited to a single run of 500 copies and is only available at Zen United.

However, if you visit the site at the link below, you will see that it is already sold out. It isn’t very surprising; with only 500 copies they practically never existed. It is a little disappointing that only European fans had this option, after the wonderful Limited Edition of the first game that Americans were able to grab last year. Alas, the standard version is fantastic as well. The game releases in Europe this October.

[Zen United]

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