European Heavy Rain – What North Americans Wished They Had

European Heavy Rain – What North Americans Wished They Had

So we know that some publishers and or developers have some sort of quandary with the Americans. We know this because we’re deprived of the chronic bundles and special editions of games that we repeatedly see released in Europe with zero chance of making their way state side. Another game getting this treatment is Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.

Now, we’ve seen what the North American box art looks like. It wasn’t anything that would instill any form of excitement. Instead, it left us with a bad taste in our mouths as if we were just force-fed poo on a hot dog bun. The box art looks more like a poster for an atrocious B-rated movie directed by none other than the king of meretricious movies himself, Uwe Boll. North Americans get the meadow muffin treatment, while the Europeans get something that will only make the latter a bit… pissed off.

Sony Europe revealed the European-only special edition bundle for the mystery/thriller – Heavy Rain – which, I might add, looks insanely good… box art and all. The bundle’s got a stylish fold-out packaging covered in realistic, imprinted raindrops, and comes with a DLC voucher, a page covered in helpful notes and some do-it-yourself origami.  Origami, folks. The art of making fantastic looking thing using paper.

The cover, compared to the North American version, looks pretty good, I must say. It doesn’t look anything remotely like the I Know What You Did Last Summer movie poster, and it adds a bit of bewilderment which goes great with the concept of the game. Oh, and below is an image of what the Europeans will be getting in their special edition version.