European R&C: A Crack In Time Special Edition

European R&C: A Crack In Time Special Edition

The European PlayStation Blog has revealed a Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Special Edition set being released solely to the European territories. The box set will come in a special fold-out cover with a snazzy 3D cover, along with an artwork book full of concept art hand-picked by the folks over at Insomniac, and a voucher to be used on the PSN which will allow you to download the “Discovery Package” and allow you to visit “Insomniac Moon” – a special level based on the layout of the studio’s office(s) which is loaded with tons of extra stuff.


And, the way it goes, if you’re located anywhere near, or live in, North America, you’re pretty much fucked. Before you even ask why, I’ll let you know; this Special Edition is only available in European countries. “Bu-bu-but, I want that too!” Yea, well, I’m pretty sure the army of North American PS3 owners behind you are on the same boat. As of yet, however, there haven’t been any mention for a North American release for the Special Edition sku of this game. BUT, because the PlayStation 3 is not region locked, you will have the chance to order that bitch online, get it packaged with some newspapers and duct tape, taken to a foggy harbor, thrown on a ship filled with embargo full of Chinese immigrant slaves, shipped across the rough waters of the Atlantic, picked up by the Mafia owned UPS, and delivered to your front door for a little extra cash. Will it be worth it? If you’re fond of collecting things like this like we are, you bet your sweet ass it is.

This edition of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time will be available in the following countries in the listed stores:

  • UK – GAME exclusive
  • France – Available everywhere
  • Spain – Available everywhere
  • Italy – Available everywhere
  • Australia – TBC
  • New Zealand – EB Games
  • Belgium – Game Mania, Smartoys (CLD), PlayerOne (BEMS), Consoles Fan (Horelec), Multimedia Partner (MMS), IPG (gameshop), Supra Center, Media Markt,
  • Holland – Bart Smit, Intertoys, Dexcom, Rigu,,, Toys XL
  • Norway – GameStop & Elkjøp
  • Sweden – GameStop & Siba, Media Markt, CDON, Webhallen, Nextstop, Discshop
  • Denmark – GameStop & Others TBC
  • Finland – Available everywhere

Right about now, I’m disliking you Europeans… however, I still love your chocolate. And only because you guys have awesome chocolate, I still kind of love you. But only for that reason.

[Source European PlayStation Blog]