Eve Online Dev Announces New Features and Major Balance Fixes

Eve Online Dev Announces New Features and Major Balance Fixes

Some big changes coming to the Eve Online balance update are for capital ship balance, which has always been a point of difficulty.

Eve Online, the space-based MMORPG from CCP Games, revealed balance updates and Invasion World Tour details in two new developers’ blog entries and Eve Pulse developer video from the Senior Community Manager.

Some of the biggest changes coming to this balance update, and for Eve Online this Spring in general, are for capital ship balance, which has always been a point of difficulty for the developers. Two of the most important issues that need addressing are the overwhelming power of the Force Auxiliaries and the power of capital ships suppressing the viability of sub-capitals.

The first balance fix is the application of a new diminishing returns system for the effectiveness of all remote repair and capacitor transmitter modules. What this essentially means is that a modifier will be added to any ship being targeted by remote assistance. The more repair per second (rep) a player receives, the less effective additional repairs will become. The reason for setting the diminishing returns relative to the total rep being applied is to ensure someone can’t use small repairers to cancel out your Force Auxiliaries (FAX) fleet.

The second update will be to fix sub-capital oppression, which High Angle Weapons (HAW) are the biggest offenders. Therefore the fix will reduce damage multiplier for all HAW by 50% and give a corresponding 100% increase to HAW damage from Siege Mode. This will leave HAW Dread damage per second (DPS) where it is now, while dropping HAW Titan DPS by half.

The last two fixes balance the damage output of unsupported Carriers and Super-Carriers and adjust the insurance charges for the massive Capital ships. There are also some general sub-capital balance updates.

Finally, more details about the Eve Online Invasion World Tour has been revealed in a separate blog post. The full schedule for the EVEsterdam program is now available and includes tons of panels on Eve Online gameplay, an AMA with the full development team in attendance, and a massive Invasion Tournament Series. The winners of the EVEsterdam leg will win a trip to Fanfest 2020 so that they can fight for the crown live in Reykjavik next year.

Eve Online, first released back in 2003 for PC, is renowned for its scale and complexity in terms of player interactions — its single, shared game world allows players to engage in unscripted economic competition, warfare, and political schemes with each other. The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, which was a battle involving thousands of players in a single star system, took 21 hours and was recognized as one of the largest and most expensive battles in gaming history. Currently, Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online‘s development company, is in the process of acquiring CCP Games.