EVE Online Gets Free ‘Into the Abyss’ Update Bringing New Exploration Gameplay and More

EVE Online has got a brand new, free update called Into the Abyss which brings a load of new features, such as ships, a new environment, and more.

CCP Games officially launched a brand new expansion called Into the Abyss for its MMO title, EVE Online. This is delivered to the players as a free update and has a lot of offer.

Into the Abyss brings a new area to explore known as Abyssal Deadspace. This brings PvE survival gameplay to be experienced alone. Abyssal Deadspace is available to travel from almost anywhere in New Eden by using an Abyssal Filament. These can be found in exploration sites and traded.

players will need to travel and fight their way through pockets of Abyssal Deadspace tenuously linked together in chains by Abyssal Conduits that are constantly opening and closing, with each pocket taking players around 20 minutes to complete.”

While the environment is unpredictable it also introduces a new civilization known as the Triglavian Collective. The Triglavian Collective possess biotechnology that can be harvested and used on existing modules. These Mutaplasmids, once used on modules can have unpredictable effects sometimes increasing performance, other times decreasing.

The Triglavian ships introduce a new destructive weapons system known as Entropic Disintegrators. Players who are on a subscription get to make use of blueprints to build and fly three new Triglavian ships.

EVE: Online’s Into the Abyss also adds improvements to the interface for Planetary Interaction making planetary installations easier to maintain and understand and maintain a productive workflow.

There is a feature trailer that details everything coming with the free update, including Faction Citadel Conversions, UI scaling to support 4K  and a bunch of footage of the above in action. There are also a bunch of images below for you to feast your eyes on.

The EVE Online Into the Abyss update is free and is available now.

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