Eve Online Introduces Commercial License for Third Party Services

Eve Online Introduces Commercial License for Third Party Services

Eve Online is has been a popular topic in the last few days due to the upcoming introduction of Incarna and the announcement of the PS3 Exclusive Dust 514 at E3.

The Icelandic sci-fi MMORPG is well known for having a thriving player-driven economy and it seems that a revolution is about to shake that aspect of the game: CCP just announced the implementation of a commercial license for the ones that want to provide services to the Eve Online player base in the form of third party apps and similar.

The mandatory license will cost $99 a year, and will allow third party service providers and developers to legally charge for their services and apps, with the ability to fully access the game’s API and with the direct support from CCP.

There are, though, some quite controversial aspects to this innovation. At the moment the license is supposed to be required even for charging fees in ISK (the game currency of Eve Online), which means that players that provide services without charging real money will still have to pay real money in order to do so. The outrage stirred by this notion spawned a rather brutal thirty-four (currently) pages long thread in the Eve Online forums, and prompted the developers to specify that nothing is set in stone yet and that some of the clauses my change according to the feedback received, including the application of the license to ISK-based transactions.

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