EVE Online Might Get DirectX 11 Support and Features. Will Let You Buy a GTX 560 With PLEX.

on March 24, 2012 1:26 PM

Today, during EVE Fanfest 2012 CCP Games and Nvidia showcased a demo of EVE Online running in DirectX 11.

The demo was absolutely stunning, showing full tassellation applied to a EVE Sansha spaceship and to asteroids in real time,  with full fledged lighting and shadows. The most interesting part was probably seeing the ship and the asteroids interacting, with the rocks shattering thanks to Nvidia PhysX as they hit the ship, creating more real time lighting effects on it.

Implementing DirectX 11 would require a development team about a year, and CCP Games asked the community for feedback on the possibility. Something tells me that there won’t be may “Don’t do it!” answers (even if the EVE community can be a tad unpredictable at times).

If you’re worried about your video card being able to run the game in DirectX 11, not only the tassellation system would be fully scalable, but CCP and Nvidia will allow players to buy a new graphics card paying with in-game currency.

The deal is rather sweet: players can already covert their ISK (the in-game currency of EVE) in PLEX (Pilot License Extension, equivalent to a  month of subscription to the game). Soon they will be able to pay 20 PLEX to have a Nvidia GTX 560 delivered to their doorstep.

This is a rather interesting initiative, as it allows MMORPG players to directly convert in-game currency into a real world purchase. If your video card is a tad outdated it might be time to dust your frigate, read my ninja salvaging guide and start earning some ISK.

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