EVE Online Turns Nine, Make Sure to Redeem Your Anniversary Gift

EVE Online Turns Nine, Make Sure to Redeem Your Anniversary Gift

On May the 6th, 2003 a new galaxy opened its jumpgates for everyone to explore, creating a world that had very little in common with the still budding and fatasy-centric MMORPG market that we enjoyed during those glorious days.

Nine years later EVE Online is still going strong, speeding past traitorious plots, intergalactic wars, multiple engine updates, unsavory CSM chairmen, player riots and all the drama that normally comes with a living and breathing community made of a large number of very passionate people. 

After nine years we still marvel at just how poetic EVE Online‘s space looks, calming and relaxing as we cruise towards a distant star, only to snap back to reality when we get jumped and all hell breaks loose.

After all there’s no safe place in EVE, that remains one of the few true wretched hives of scum and villainy, serving as a haven for the remaining hardcore MMORPG players in a world in which developers try their hardest to cater to the casuals, that in EVE are instead turned into a never ending source of yummy vintage tears; at least until they man up and decide that they can dish it as well as they can take it, joining the ranks of the hardcore themselves.

As with every birthday, EVE Online‘s anniversary comes with gifts. Active players can go to their account management page and chose between the eight gift packages, that you can find listed below:

  • Fire All Lasers – Omen and Maller (Cruisers) + Medium Energy Turret and Amarr Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Duty, Honor, State – Caracal and Moa (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Hybrid Turret, Heavy Missiles, Caldari Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Deadly Elegance – Vexor and Thorax (Cruisers) + Medium Hybrid Turret and Gallente Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Heavy Iron  – Stabber and Rupture (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Projectile Turret, Heavy Missiles, Minmatar Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Plug and Play – Full set of +2 Attribute Implants (Limited Ocular Filter Beta, Limited Neural Boost Beta…etc…)
  • Refine Your Skills – Memory Augmentation Standard and Cybernetic Subprocessor Standard (Implants) + Scrapmetal, Ice and all other ore Processing (Skillbooks)
  • Drill Bits – 10x each ore mining crystal I’s
  • A Paxist Treasure – Pax Ammaria – Collector’s Item

CCP learned from the problems caused by the latest holidays initiative, with a lot of capsuleers missing their gift, so you have quite some time to chose yours: until June 4th, 23:59:59 UTC. Those that don’t make a choice will automatically receive the Plug ad Play package.

Happy Birthday EVE!