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Eve Rebirth Terror Releases on April 25 in Japan

Eve Rebirth Terror's release date listed on an online shop. PS4 version to include a PS4 port of Eve Burst Error R selectable from the main menu.

December 10, 2018

Yodobashi Camera’s online shop started listing Eve Rebirth Terror with an April 25, 2019, release date. There was no official announcement by El Dia yet, with the game’s official site still being in teaser mode, so keep in mind this date is subject to change.

The listing also includes an official product description, revealing more information about the game and its first print limited edition.

Eve Rebirth Terror, unlike the previous remakes based on the original game, will feature brand-new graphics, illustrations, and systems. The game will bring forth a modern adventure game experience, mixed in with an old-school atmosphere and elements from the Eve series’ legacy.

All the action commands from the original game are back but have been modernized. For example, now certain commands which would bring no results or no reaction in your current environment won’t appear. Only useful commands at a specific situation will be displayed, allowing for a smoother experience without stress. The hint mode that was added in the Eve Burst Error R remake will make a return in Eve Rebirth Terror as well. The overall reading and playing experience were improved too.

The PS4 version of Eve Rebirth Terror will include a PS4 port of Eve Burst Error R, currently available for PS Vita, PC, and Switch. It won’t be a separate DLC or disc and will be selectable from Eve Rebirth Terror‘s main menu.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

The PS Vita version of Eve Rebirth Terror will include a new story as a “Mini-Episode Visual Novel”. Again, this isn’t a DLC code or separate disc and will be playable by selecting it from the main menu.

Both the PS4 and Vita first print limited edition will include a “Special Pictures Collection”.

You can read all about Eve Rebirth Terror’s story and characters, and check the first screenshots, in our previous article, covering the game’s announcement in Famitsu.

El Dia also indicated on Twitter that the game will be featured again in a future Famitsu issue, which will also reveal the characters’ voice actors. Hopefully, the game will get localized in the west.

Update: An official press release by El Dia has been published, confirming the information above and the April 25 release date. High-resolution versions of the screenshots and artworks found in Famitsu were published as well.

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