EVE: Valkyrie Tutorial Video Focuses on Recently Added Solitude Map

Check out this video that teaches you how to play on EVE: Valkyrie's Solitude map, which was added in the Groundrush update.

CCP Games released a new tutorial video for for EVE: Valkyrie today that teaches one how to play on Solitude, one of the game’s new maps.

Solitude is a popular map that was added in the recent free Groundrush update for EVE: Valkyrie. The video teaches players about all facets of this snowy map. There map contains quite a few trenches, which can be used to escape missile locks. The former Minmatar base located on the map can also give players lots of cover and complex structures to hide behind. Solitude even contains some subterranean tunnels, making for a very claustrophobic-feeling arena that only skilled players would be comfortable fighting in.

DualShockers very own Lou Contaldi enjoyed EVE: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR, as in his Editor’s Review Guide to PlayStation VR Games and Applications, he recommended that VR adopters should buy the game, saying “EVE: Valkyrie will of course speak more to people interested in science fiction, flight simulators, and dog fights – however, anyone interested in the power of VR and the potential for games down the line will need to try this out.”

You can watch the video below. EVE: Valkyrie is currently available on PC for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and on PS4 for PlayStation VR.

Tomas Franzese

Tomas Franzese is a News Editor at DualShockers, writing a variety of reviews and shedding light on upcoming games for both PC and consoles. While he has been a gamer most of his life, he began writing for DualShockers in 2016 and has almost never put his computer or a controller down since.

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