Ever Wonder Where the Cast of Left 4 Dead Stocks Up?

Ever Wonder Where the Cast of Left 4 Dead Stocks Up?

They say the zombie genre is over-saturated these days. Well, “they” are probably on the verge of zombie-ness themselves and would absolutely love it if you got your guard down before the eventual apocalypse.  That’s where the good folks at Hornady Manufacturing, Inc. have you covered.

No, seriously: These guys are marketing zombie-killing ammunition.

Apparently the stuff comes in multiple calibers, from slugs suitable for handguns to ammo for shotguns and rifles. The product site and video make a point of clarifying that this is live ammunition. It’s obviously something of a marketing gimmick to help boost sales in the I’m-buying-this-ammunition-only-because-I-really-love-zombie-movies-and-games demographic, which is probably a small fraction of the gun-toting population.

But at least now you know which brand to look for if you ever find yourself in an abandoned metropolitan police station with hordes upon hordes of the undead just waiting to get their hands on you.

Check out the video after the jump for some marketing … I don’t know if you can call it genius or what.

Thanks to /Film for the tip.