Everquest 2 Polishes Capital City with Qeynos Rises Trailer / Patch

on July 24, 2012 6:05 PM

Sony Online Entertainment released a patch day trailer of their Qeynos Rises patch for Everquest 2. The patch provides a technical tune-up to one of EQ2’s capital cities, eliminating most of the loading screens that occur as one travels through the city. The patch also provides an aesthetic touch-up to the city as well.

Like any patch, Qeynos Rises boasts new equipment, as well as race, class, and storyline quests for its patrons. SoE promises new PVP Combat and Battlegrounds as well. Qeynos Rises features multiple PVP updates, including a new PVP stat system based on PVE stats, PVP gear that is “useful in PVE combat” as well as revised achievements, bounty, infamy, and a new token earning system.  You can view the trailer for the patch below

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