Everspace: Encounters Expansion Adds a New Ship and Over Ten Hours of New Content

Rockfish Games has released a new expansion for Everspace today, Everspace: Encounters, which adds over 10 hours of new content.

German developer Rockfish Games released Everspace: Encounters, an expansion to the devs roguelike space shooter that hit both PC and Xbox One back in May. According to the developers, the Encounters expansion adds over ten hours of new content to the base game and only costs $9.99.

Everspace: Encounters is included within Everspace: Ultimate Edition, which also comes with a soundtrack and art book for only $37.49. The developers are boasting that ten hours of new content has been added due to the fact that the expansion includes a new player ship, tons of brand weapons, devices, and consumables for players to mess around with, and new locations and space stations for players to explore.

The name of the new player ship is the Colonial Sentinel. The developers claim it handles similarly to the Interceptor, as it has mid-range maneuverability and an average engine. That being said, the ship includes an exclusive shield that can twice as many hits and an EMP Generator weapon that can stun enemies and make hacking go faster. Five new special skins for ships are also included within Everspace: Encounters.

This expansion introduces factory space stations, which players can go to in order to receive services like refining and converting resources, ship upgrades, and minor repairs. A new planet, the Okkar Homeworld has also been added, which gives players new enemies, characters, and quest to interact with. This content also does not require beating the main story to access, so there is no need to worry about a high barrier of entry.

You can check out some screenshots and a new trailer that showcase everything the expansion has to offer below. Everspace: Encounters is now available on PC and Xbox One.

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