Every Choice in the Batman: Death in the Family Interactive Movie Explored

Rewrite the classic comic-book story with your own choices.

By Jo Craig

August 17, 2021

**WARNING Major Spoilers Ahead**

The ‘A Death in the Family’ story arc from the Batman comics is a notable narrative for two reasons: It brought about the death of the main character Robin, whose alias was Jason Todd, and it also triggered a public voting system for comics, where readers got to decide if Jason lived or died.

In a similar vein, the Batman: Death in the Family interactive movie has presented viewers with an animated film following the same story arc, where they are able to decide various narrative choices as the movie plays out and we explore each choice to help you decide.

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two – Official Trailer | DC

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two – Official Trailer | DC

Decide If Jason Lives, Dies or Survives the Explosion

The first decision of the interactive movie replicates the iconic comic-book vote from 1988, except there are three options to choose from this time: Save Jason, Kill Jason or have Jason survive the explosion.

Jason Dies

If you opt to let Jason die, then the interactive movie will follow the events of the original comic book, with Jason picking up the Red Hood mantle at a later time.

Jason Lives

If you choose to save Jason, he will be saved by Batman who will die in his stead. This will trigger Dick Grayson ( the first Robin)  to take over the Batman mantle and for Jason to assume the role of Red Hood, Red Robin or an unnamed criminal.

Warner Bros.

Jason Survives the Explosion

The third option is to allow Jason to survive the explosion, but not unscathed. If you choose this option, Jason will be physically and mentally scarred, arriving at the warped conclusion that Batman is to blame. This option will see Jason escape Wayne Manor, where Bruce Wayne had brought him to heal, and transform into the persona Hush.

Warner Bros.

Choose if Jason Goes After the Joker or Not

If you choose to save Jason and allow Batman to be killed, a second choice will be presented, which will allow Jason to seek revenge on the Joker or not.

Jason Does Not Go After the Joker

By choosing not to chase the Joker, Jason will be honoring Batman’s final wishes for him to steer clear of the Clown Prince of Crime. Jason will then return to Wayne Manor to take a break from crime-fighting. Bruce will be buried and Nightwing will take on the Batman mantle. 

Later on at a dinner, Jason listens in on a man retelling another story of the Caped Crusader, only to find out that it’s the Joker – turned sane now that his enemy is dead. After listening to Joker’s origin story from The Killing Joke, Jason unveils that he is Robin and stabs Joker in the eye.

Warner Bros.

Choose if Jason Turns Himself In or Goes On the Run

In the aftermath of Joker’s death, police arrive at Wayne Manor to arrest Jason and if you choose for Jason to turn himself in, he will be taken to Blackgate Prison. Jason will later assume the role of Jailbird – a new alias created for the movie – to administer justice within the prison.

If you choose for Jason to flee the police, he will escape and assume the role of Red Robin to continue fighting criminals in Gotham.

Choose If Two-Face Kills Jason or Lets Him Go

If you choose for Jason to escape the police, he will end up fighting Two-Face in a shopping center. Jason’s fate will be in the hands of the viewer once more as you get to decide whether Two-Face’s coin lands on heads or tails.

Let Jason Go

If you choose tails, Two-Face will not kill Jason because of the corruption surrounding Red Robin. Two-Face will depart after releasing how far Jason has strayed from Batman’s path. This revelation will open Jason’s eyes to his actions.

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Kill Jason

If you choose heads, Two-Face will go to kill Jason, before being attacked by Tim Drake. The Batman protégé rescues Jason and talks him round to the right side, where Jason accepts Tim as his Batboy sidekick.

Jason Goes After the Joker

Now that you know how the story will play out if you choose not to go after the Joker, here’s what will happen if Jason does go after the Joker. 

Choose If Jason Shoots the Joker or Not

The story will play out as before up until Jason takes a break from fighting crime. He will then take on the role of Red Hood to set various traps for Joker – including orchestrating a series of crimes that ended up killing civilians. Once Joker is cornered on the bridge – a scene from the Batman: Under the Red Hood comic – Joker taunts Jason who must decide whether to shoot Joker or not.

Shoot the Joker

If you choose to let Jason pull the trigger, he will do so just before the police arrive. Commissioner Gordon will tell Barbra Gordon of Joker’s death and Dick Grayson – who is under the Batman mantle – will close Joker’s on-going case as one of Gotham’s finest criminals.

Warner Bros.

Doesn’t Shoot the Joker

If you choose to save the Joker, Jason will hit the villain with his gun and flee to become a fugitive before the police arrive. The Joker will be taken into custody and Dick will begin hunting Jason to make him pay for the crimes he committed whilst hunting the Joker.

Choose If Jason Saves or Kills Batman

In the denouement, Jason arrives on the rooftop of Wayne Enterprises to meet Talia Al Ghul and Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Talia wants Jason to join the League of Shadows, but upon Jason’s refusal, he is forced to fight Batman.

Kills Batman

If you choose for Jason to kill Batman, then he will stab the Dark Knight through the chest. However, after being stabbed, Batman reveals a bomb that detonates to kill Batman, Jason and Talia.

Warner Bros.

Saves Batman

By saving Batman, Jason tases Bruce and leaves Talia unconscious after a hit before Dick shows up to rescue Jason and Bruce and take them back to the Batcave. This ending will also see Jason taking a real break from crime-fighting this time, as well as Barbara’s offer of help to Dick as the new Batman as she assumes the role of Oracle.

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