Every Player Will Experience A Different Game in Wasteland 2, Says Creator Brian Fargo

Every Player Will Experience A Different Game in Wasteland 2, Says Creator Brian Fargo

The emphasis on player choice means that Wasteland 2 will play differently for nearly every person, creator Brian Fargo has said.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Fargo noted the way players could choose to go all the way back to the starting area of the game and tell the Ranger leader General Vargas that another person had joined their party. Doing so permanately removes the party member from the game.

It’s a small moment, but it’s a meaningful moment,” Fargo told Digital Spy. “It’s an effect where you think, ‘I’m going to try this and see what happens’, and guess what, something really comes out of it

This game has thousands of those little moments. To me… when you do three or four of those in a row, I think that’s when you’re really immersed

Fargo said that Wasteland 2 to makes these choices matter all the way to the endings, which will truly differ depending on the way someone plays.

Killing innocents will actually cause General Vargas to denounce you, radically changing the game. The opportunity to finish the game as a hero is lost, but players will instead be able to fight through Vargas’s troops and defeat him instead.

But branching endings aren’t the only focus of Wasteland 2, Fargo said. Another emphasis is changing what an ending means.

We’re really revisiting what it means for a game to end,” Fargo explained. “A lot of games say they have multiple endings, but they all happen at the end. You’ve done one of those – A, B or C – and that’s it.

Life doesn’t work that way. If I go out and commit a crime right now, my ending and my life is probably going to prison right now. 80 years old is not going to happen, it’s going to happen on this spot.

Fargo points to an early part of the game, where players can dig up a dead ranger. This causes General Vargas to engage the player, ending the game.

Wasteland 2 is set to release on PC at the end of August.