Every Step Counts with Striiv

Ever wanted to enter a walkathon to help support a cause but couldn’t get the will power to do the work of signing up and actually going? It sure as heck has happened to me. Well now there’s a solution for that! A company made up of game designers, artists and technologists have come together and developed, what I would call, an amplified pedometer called Striiv. This portable device has taken the idea of a pedometer and put have it on steroids! Striiv can be used as a portable charity; making every step you take go towards helping those less fortunate. When the product launches, it will be teaming up with GlobalGiving to help provide clean water to kids in South America or grant a polio vaccine to kids in India. Personally, this alone gets me excited to start using this product.

Striiv is designed for our convenience, being so it can smoothly move from your key chain, belt clip or pocket. This item uses TruMotion technology and it is always on and can tell whether you walking, running or climbing. It also includes two more pretty rad features, daily challenges and activity based games. The daily challenges can consist of walking for lunch, instead of driving or taking the stairs and instead of the elevator, but the cool part is completing challenges help unlock different trophies.  Also, during the process of completing these challenges, it uses real-world distances, like the Golden Gate Bridge, to show you how far you have progressed. As far as the games go, they have only one featured, MyLand. In this game and all Striiv games it is powered by your physical activity. For example, in MyLand the point is to fill your island with animals and plants, and this comes about by your movement.

Striiv seems like a pretty legit device! The main problem I would have with it is its price, $99. If you’re fine with the price and are ready to have this clip on you at all times, you can pre-order it and have it when it launches mid-October.

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